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Gift Box Wrapping Relay Game

Gift Box Wrapping Relay Game

The Christmas season is a time of year when such great memories are created. It’s usually so festive with all of the lights up in the neighborhood and the “feel good” Christmas movies on television. Then there are the family get-togethers that are filled with great food, funny conversations, and of course family games that produce laughter and great memories. Here is one of my favorite Christmas games that you might want to play with your family.

In my home, we have family night every week which means that we usually spend the evening hanging out and playing games. My son and daughter each have their favorite games and they take turns choosing which game to play during our evening festivities. However, during the holiday season, we take family time to a whole different level. We invite extended family and friends over on Saturday nights so that we can enjoy food, company, and of course some fun games. As I was thinking about how much I enjoy this time of year, I started thinking about some of the games that my family and I enjoy the most. So, I’ve decided to share one of our all-time favorite Christmas games: The Gift Box Wrapping Relay.

I like this game so much because anyone can play it (young ones, adults, loved ones with disabilities, and anyone else) and it results in fun and laughter. Here’s how you play:

Gather the supplies

You’re going to need all the supplies that are needed to wrap a gift. This includes some gift boxes, wrapping paper, a pair of scissors for each team, tape, bows, and anything else that you use to wrap Christmas gifts. Make sure that you have enough supplies to accommodate each team.

Choose a location

Place the supplies on tables where it is easily accessible to all of the teams. Try to choose a spacious location so that there is enough room to play the game.

Divide into teams

Depending on the size of the group, two teams will probably suffice. However, if your family is larger, you may want to create three or four teams. About seven players per team seems about right but make as many teams as needed for your family. Also, be sure that the teams are even as far as age and ability is concerned. Pair up, if necessary. If you have small children who are playing or loved ones who have disabilities who may need a little extra help, then you may want to pair them up with another player. The idea is to have fun so you don’t want anyone to be frustrated with the game.

On your mark. Get set. Go!

Start the assembly line. The object of the game is to be the first team to finish wrapping the box (or how many number of boxes that you designate.) All players have to participate. For example, the first player might cut the wrapping paper to a designated size. The second person might tape the bottom of the box. The next person might tape the sides. The last person might put the bow on the top. However you want to divide the task is up to each team but whichever team wraps their gift(s) first wins!

An Alternative Way to Play This Game:

Instead of turning the team into an assembly line, you could give each player a box and the team who is the first to have ALL of their players wrap their box wins!

Either way, this is a super fun game to play during the holiday season. It’ll make your whole family laugh and create a lot of terrific memories.

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