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Great Reads for 6-8 year olds

Great Reads for 6-8 year olds

Some kids are natural-born readers while other kids have a strong aversion to reading. They just don’t like it or they struggle with reading. So what are some books that motivate your kids to read? Here are some great suggestions.

My friend told me a story about how her husband’s brothers used to hate reading. If you gave them a math problem, they were ok. And science piqued their interest. But if you put a book in their peripheral view, then they go screaming for cover. For their own personal reasons, they just hated reading.

Then one day, they were introduced to Harry Potter and their lives changed. There was something about that series that made these boys race to finish a chapter - when only days before, it was a chore just to get them to open the cover of a book. When my friend shared this transformation with me, I truly grasped the importance of finding books that kids like. If you can find a book that mesmerizes your child, then even the strongest aversion to reading can be quickly melted away.

Armed with this knowledge, I am sharing with you a few book categories that are popular with many children.
You have an easier job to do if your younger kid already likes "reading" comics. I think - a well choosen and high-quality - comic can make a hard base for real reading. It helps the kid imagine the story and find out what the figures say, so I think it's a great "bridge" from baby books to real ones.

If you have a 6-, 7-, or 8-year-old who doesn’t really enjoy the reading process, these categories may pique their interest.

Diary style books

Although this may be suited more toward the 7- and 8-year-old crowd, diary style books are very popular with young readers. Boys seem very drawn to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series while girls are rushing to grab the Dork Diaries series. Now, I’m not saying that these books will win the Pulitzer Prize or anything, but at least it might get your child to read more.

Disney and other themed books

If you can find books about your child’s favorite movie, she might gobble them down. The movie Frozen seems to be trending this season, so your daughter might really enjoy this favored tale in book format. Also, the “I Am…” series by Brad Meltzer explores how ordinary people became famous and changed the world. This series might be very inspirational for this age group.

Interest based books

Grab books that are related to your child’s interests. If he has a favorite sports player, then grab an age-appropriate biography about the athlete for your son to enjoy. If she’s into art, order some art-related books. For girls who like American Girl, the American Girl book series might really come in handy. Again, these books don’t have to be award-winning novels as the idea is to just get them to read more.

Action and adventure

Boys and girls alike might really like action-packed books. These tend to be interactive so they keep kids engaged in the reading material, making it really interesting and more compelling to read. One great series that is often popular in the 6-8-year-old age bracket is The Magic Treehouse series.
There are classicals for older (age 8) kids that may be interesting for boys and girls such as The Diary of Robinson Crusoe or Winnetou.

The old books from our childhood that have "the magic"

All of us has some books from their childhood that we remember almost word by word, for some reason. I'm not sure why, but they are classicals, and made many kids love reading.
Just some examples: Lottie and Lisa (The double Lottie), Mary Poppins, Oliver Twist, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Maybe it's a bit difficult to make our kids believe that there are interesting "ancient" books, but I'm sure they will like it.

Sometimes it can be easier because when a Hollywood film adapts the story like they did with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or as Disney made a movie about Alice in Wonderland, the book itself become more acceptable for kids.

Sometimes, finding a book that your child absolutely loves can be the cure to his aversion to reading. Try these books with your little ones and you might be amazed at how much they would suddenly begin to love reading.


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