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How Much Outside Activities Kids Need at Different Ages

How Much Outside Activities Kids Need at Different Ages

If our kids spend enough time enjoying the fresh air, regardless of how old they are, they will have a better appetite and they will sleep much better. Even if you are living in the city, a garden city, or in the countryside, kids need fresh air and outdoor activities for their healthier growth. Try to make sure your child is spending enough time outside even if it is raining or snowing, and do that from the beginning.

How to start?

Age 0-1.5

  • Gradually habituated to the fresh air
  • First, just open the window for a few minutes
  • Increase the amount of time for it daily. When you have already set half an hour, you can go for a first walk.
  • Begin with a half an hour, then you can try an hour, then an hour and half
  • Healthy babies spend several hours outside per day.
  • Divide the walking – once in the morning and once in the afternoon
  • The spring-summer kids can go out from the 2nd-3rd weeks of age and winter babies only from the 4th-6th weeks of age.
  • Don’t necessarily go out when it's very windy or smoky and summertime at midday sun.
  • If you are living in the house with a garden or if you have a safe balcony, you can bring your baby outside in a baby carriage for a nice sleep with proper amount of clothes
  • When they start to walk, they will love to push their baby carriage which is a very good outside activity for the first time.

Age 1.5 – 5

  • As they are growing and they can find their freedom to move, they also are opening opportunities to different kinds of outside activities
  • Walks are getting longer together, more walking than sitting in the baby carriage.
  • Sometimes a little bit of time in the playground. Then around age 3, you can spend more and more time there
  • Daily, two times, 1 or 1.5 hours would be great
  • Even if you are walking, playing at the playground, or taking a walk in a forest, it's all good for them
  • From this age period, there is no maximum limit for fresh air and outside activities
  • Of course, still be cautious of midday sun, and smoky air, and icy wind - but for the rest of it, no excuse
  • And when the weather is idyllic or when you're in summer holiday, they can spend the entire day out in the open. It does not matter what they are doing outside, just be there

Age 5+

  • Still no maximum, as much as they can be outside is good
  • Usually, they are go out in the kindergarten, then later in the school too, so outside activity is very important to give them physical activity
  • They need to move out their daily stress. Outdoor activity is very nice solution for that, a place where they can just run and do nothing serious. That will relax them and after that, they will be able to sit down and learn again
  • So parents have to watch them and organize outdoor programs with them.
  • Even a nice walk together, to or from the school.
  • Wintertime is not that easy, but parents can force it
  • Summertime and nice weather means unlimited outside activities

At the end, this is always about the parents, how parents live and what kind of example they show, how important for them outside activity is and what do they do for it. Kids are going to copy it.

Spring is almost here, the sun is inveigle us to go out, out, out...


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