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Is it Good to Dress Girls in Pink and Boys in Blue?

Is it Good to Dress Girls in Pink and Boys in Blue?

Where is that pink and blue differentiation coming from? What is the reason…or is there a reason? Is it good for anybody? If you are a parent, did you dress, or are you dressing, your baby in pink or blue? Do you know why?

This is an old practice, or habit, I would say.

It comes from the ancient times, when the baby boys were valued more than the baby girls. Therefore, boys get a separate defender color, with a reason to let him live in health. They have chosen blue because the sky is blue, and these boys get heavenly protection against the evil spirits. People believed in evil spirits, and they thought all evil comes around us when human beings are happy; in every birth, marriage, and moments of triumph and success.
So they try to protect their happiness from evil spirits. And during the past few hundred years, a lot of superstitions evolved. Even If we do not believe in evil spirits these days, we still say and wish each other “Good luck” and we still knock on wood if something is all right and we want it to stay that way. So that is the reason we let baby boys wear sky blue, representing the heavenly sky where all the good spirits live.

When the evil spirits come to the baby’s room, the sky blue will hold them back and discourage them. Not only the clothes but the entire room can be painted blue, in some countries in a Middle East, they paint the front door blue.

But if the blue can protect boys from evil, then what happens with the baby girls

They can’t have the same protection as the boys?
The practical answer is no, it was only for the sake of differentiation, that they need to be in a different color, for those who did not know if it’s a boy or a girl. So they found something totally different from blue. And that is a rose color, which is the same with the baby’s skin color – in Europe – where the living skin color is different from the sky blue boyish color.

Psychologically, the color or the rose means healthiness and cleanliness – which reminds us with rosy, flawless skin – so that is very correct to be a girly color, isn’t it? It might be true that the rose or pink doesn’t have the magical protection power, but the girls are not threatened by those evil spirits, because they worth less than the boys, so evil does not care about them. Girls don’t need a special guard, they only need a sign, that would differentiate them from the boys.

Years have gone by and all these beliefs are forgotten, and many new ideas came after (don’t want to mention them all).

But one thing’s for sure, even if we do not believe in these old stories, and we even forget about them, we still use it in our everyday life. Because there are things that are preserved from generation to generation. Boys get blue, girls get pink, that is the “habit” that we are practicing without deliberation.

What’s happening today?

The first time we choose pink or blue because of ancient beliefs, babies do not care about that at all. But later, when they know who they are and what they want, they will decide what they will wear. But then it’s too late, because they already grew up with the knowledge that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. By that time, parents can’t influence them, and the color of their clothes won’t influence their habits, boys can’t be too boyish or girls can’t be too girlish. There is no “too.”

There’s only one case when it could be too much: when parents think that if they have a daughter, then all clothes must be pink. There are many colors that are nicer than pink.

A girl can be elegant in any other color.

Mums have to show them the style and give them options. They need to learn this as well, just like anything else. Nice examples are always good teachers.

Every kid has his own personality, and if they are lucky, the parents know them and don’t buy them terrible clothes. Their clothes must reflect who they are. But in the early years, adults need to help and guide them to find their own style.

Never forget the fact that kids are not necessarily fashion dictators, they only need a clean and comfortable clothes that fits well for playing, moving, and having fun. Nothing more, the rest of it is all about the parents. They don’t need uncomfortable, first-class, designer clothes. They don’t even care about that.

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