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Traveling kit for boys and girls

Traveling kit for boys and girls

Travelling with children could be a nightmare. When we have to wait on an airport for 2 hours or as we travel on a plane for 6 to 12 hours, it really can be a pain in your ass (I need to use this expression, I had a couple of unforgettable moments).

I am travelling with my daughter since she was born. Until last year, every second week travelling back and forth between Finland and Hungary, I have had many looooong trips. So if there's somebody who knows what to do, it is MEEEEE;-)

First thing I have is a DVD player that you can bring along with you. And I always have a surprise DVD with me. It is always in my bag, or more exactly her bag, because we have a special travelling bag with her entertainment stuff.

If you think that a DVD player solves everything, you're wrong! It does not. Because for example, a 4 year-old, it depends on his or her mood if she wants to watch DVD.

Now let’s see how to fill this luggage:

  • Apart from the DVD player, you need something for getting up and landing time. At this time, no electronics would be allowed for you to use. So if you do not want a crying, moving baby or small child. You need a special entertainment toy for that period.

We need to take for 2 different ages. One was when they were interested on books and reading, and one when they are not yet. It is for around 2.5 to 3. Until that time, you need an easy toy to solve the problem. If they are older than that, take a book you will read for your child. It should be a more interactive book.

Here are a few good books for the getting up and landing time:

  • After that comes the craftwork and drawing books. But there is a significant problem with those. If you want to enjoy your champagne, 3-5-year-olds need permanent help to fill them up. So you need something that they can make on their own. And the best option for that are the adhesive booklets. Also, magnet books are fine for this purpose.

  • Have a travelling pencil kit. We keep it together always. It will be specifically used only during travelling.

  • Do not be afraid to bring a real toy with you. Yes, they could fall, but you can easily pick them up. Just have a small bag to collect them. Building game, geomag, are excellent ones.

  • If the trip is really longer than usual, take some games that the family could play together like travelling board games or cards. If you play 40 minutes with the child, you will see that he or she will be fine for at least an hour alone.

  • What about the food? On airplanes, you usually get food. But this is the time when you can really please your kids by giving them some nice snacks. For my daughter, airplane is the only place where she can eat chips. So she enjoys the DVD and the chips at least for 1 hour or until the chips are gone.

So a little summary:

  1. Travelling bag
  2. Pencil kit
  3. Getting up, landing book or small toy
  4. Craftwork books (adhesive book, coloring book, magnet book)
  5. Real toy
  6. DVD player + DVDs
  7. board game


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