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One bite left on the dish

Make the kid eat it or be happy with that?

One bite left on the dish

Many of us grew up always hearing: “don’t leave that last bite on the plate.” This is kind of a taboo. My parents used to tell me to “eat what you put on your plate,” or “don’t leave the last piece there.” It was really hard to follow what they’re asking for, but they said we don’t throw and waste food, and we should think about the poor people who are starving, while you just waste food.

I did not really understand how that one bite of food would save anybody’s life, but I still tried to clear my plate. I do understand that they tried to increase the value of the food that we had, but on the other hand, this was all so irritating.

Nowadays, there are many explanations for that belief.

At the past, we had wars; we had many times in our history when food was a treasure.
Some people say this ritual goes way back to the ancient magic world, where there is a said connection between the food that we eat and what stays there, and if the wizard finds your leftover food, he can cast malefic magic on you.

This point of view is outdated and obsolete. There is no black magic around us or a wizard to put a spell on us because we have leftover food.

Let your child be conscious about his body

trust them, they belong in another generation, they exactly know what they need and how much.

Ater I grew up, most of the time, I ate everything on my dish. Whether it’s good or not, I don’t know, but the fact is, I got used to it. But the truth is that I never take much in one time, only a portion that I can be sure is going to be enough for me.

So, if we look back to find an explanation for this, we can choose the likeable one, but the fact is we grew up like that, but if it is not inevitable, we can try to teach our kids something else. Is this a good or a bad habit?

Honestly, sometimes I tell the same thing to my kids, and then I realize that it is not necessarily the best way to convince them to eat. I am sure that if we are aware of our body, then it always gives us signs, and if we notice this, we will always know where the limit is.

Our kids are eating what we make for them. We don’t necessarily give them the right amount that they need.

Later, when they decide about their food and the quantity, they will waste less, I am sure. This is not only about food of course, but for now, that is what we are talking about.

There are many overweight people running around us. Is it really that bad if our kids know their limits and we let them be? No, I don’t think so. As long as they can call attention for their needs, they will never be overweight or abnormally thin. I would say that could be a realistic way if we can teach them to keep this knowledge and grow up with it.

On the other hand, if they leave food on the dish, they will still respect the food and where they are coming from.

That is up to us; what we teach them. If we show and explain to them the value of food, it won’t be a problem at all. We have to understand that we leave food on a plate not because we don’t respect it, but only because our body is full and don’t want more. This is another side of the view, parents should try to understand this and realize the world has changed a lot. We don’t need to kill the mammoth to give food to our family, food is natural, and it’s natural to have it – I am talking about this culture circle of course – unfortunately, this is not true for every country and continent.

Finally, today, here and now, we do have a choice on what to eat, when, and how much. We can eat less more times; we can eat 4 times a day; whatever we want. We don’t need to eat one time and as much as we can, because we know there will still be food later, and we know we got a freedom to decide.

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