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Sleeping Together or NOT

Sleeping Together or NOT

In average, the baby who sleeps with the parents is less anxious than those who are separated from the beginning. Our baby is a part of our body for 9 long months. Can you imagine that when they are born, they have to deal with a totally different environment: cold, noises, lights, and strange actions? Inside of the uterus, they were in a safe world. It was warm, dark, and they always heard the calming beats of the mother's heart, then all seems to disappear when they have to come out and start their life.

What do you think? Is it good to sleep together in the beginning or not?

In the first time

probably yes, it could be better for the whole family, comfortable for the parents, they don’t need to get up and run every half an hour, and it is out of question why it's best for the baby. A best place for the newborn baby is the mother's or a father's chest, where they can feel the comforting sound of the heartbeat and they can also feel the warmth of the human body. The mother can easily make sure that the baby is breathing normally. They won’t get too warm or too cold, because the parent's body can control their temperature. If it’s warm, cool it; if it’s cold, warm it. That's how beautiful we are.

This makes the nights much more easier. The mother doesn’t need to get up to breastfeed. If the baby is sleeping there, it would just turn to the breast and when it's finished, it will fall back to sleep again. This way, you can get better sleep and help yourself and your baby to the relaxed and feel safe.

But how long should this little intrusion last?

It's very important to note that there are no rules in this issue, but you can look around and ask around about the habits and proven experiences. Just a little, then the family can decide about what is best for everybody.

Sometimes around the 3rd month,

the baby starts to sleep for the entire night – there is no rule for that, could be sooner, could be later, the main think is it will come one day - that means they won’t get up for milk; for food. That could be one chance to put your child in a separate room and bed.

Later, when the child gets bigger, it could also be good to sleep together if his sick or has a fever. You can be there, just touch his head or observe his voice, and you can give more immedate help.

But please don’t forget that the family is a family when the parents are sleeping together, they are an important pair in the family. And if they fall apart because of the baby, everything will surely be going on a wrong direction. The baby can’t take any of these away, it will lessen intimacy between mother and father.

So, when your child sleeps often between the two of you, try to set rules.

That is necessary; otherwise you won’t be able to stop those times when your kid wants to sleep with you. And sooner or later, you'll have to explain to them that this is not natural and normal anymore. Parents should sleep together and kids sleep separately in another room. Parents need privacy and that is a part of the family rules.

You can read about many positive and negative thoughts in this case, but after you close your door at home, nobody else can tell you why it is the best for you. Let your soul show the good direction, and that will offer you the best choice.

Together or Not?

We can never get one right answer, because all the parents and all the kids are different. There are no rules here, everything depends on what is the most comfortable for the family.

But I would be happy to hear your experience to give support to other parents.

I wish you a good luck…


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