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Time to Plan Summer Holidays

Time to Plan Summer Holidays

It’s never too early to start planning the summer! Not only the family holiday, but those days when the kid or kids are not in school, or kindergarten. This hard task always gives parents a little headache every year.

Family holiday

Every one of us needs a holiday, rest, a piece of silence, and environmental change. Sometimes longer, but sometimes just a few days to recharge ourselves. Not only for resting, holidays also bring together the family. We need it to be closer, to achieve common experiences, and to feel ourselves free from any duty and tension from the weekdays and celebrate our family without stress.

We don’t need to have a luxurious vacation, that we will be posting in public sites for long months. We don’t need a huge-budget holiday. We can go to the Moon if we are not able to feel good with ourselves and with our family. The main thing is that everybody feels good, we get to have a change in environment, and relaxation. But what do we need for that?

Leave the daily routine at home

First of all, don’t plan the holiday where the mother will do the same things she does at home. It could be ridiculous to rent an apartment, where the mother will do the same things like cooking, washing up, shopping every day, just like at home. With this, everyone will enjoy the holiday except the mother, because she will do the same routine.

Nice selection of programs

Try to choose an environment where you can easily organize programs as well. Not only for the kids, but also for the adults. For example: rent a bike program. It’s fun for the entire family, but also a general activity that can be in the beach or the riding hall. The main thing is the programs shouldn’t be one-sided. It should be a program where kids and adults find fun and enjoyment.

Great holidays develop spontaneously, the programs are loosely organized, schedule and itinerary is flexible, depends on the weather, and the mood of the family. Don’t make the mistake of creating a timetable that the family has to follow step by step everyday with accuracy. This mentality is killing the family holiday and giving space for arguments and bad feelings. We don’t need that. That is enough during the weekdays; holidays are different in every kind of way.

No strict rules, no timetable, no bosses.

It’s also not that important to check the entire spectacle around the place and spend our time to prove our literacy. Of course there are things that should not be missed, but don’t over-plan the holiday, since you can still visit again next time. The free, happy time that we can spend together and the memories we make are much more important than any kind of show.

With who?

Maybe we can think over the option of traveling together with family friends, in a “Caravan.” This is good because we wont get bored of each other, we can share duties, like who takes care of the kids in one of the evenings when we want to go out for dinner. But if we choose to keep the holiday exclusively with our family only, it’s good to look around and find family-friendly places, where the same kinds of families are going. We can build friendship and meet new acquaintances. Kids will also like to play, and to get to know more kids.

Taking care of each other

The family holiday means a good deal of duty for a lot of parents. The programs, the environment, and everything are just for the kids. But during vacation, the most important thing is swerving away from that. The time together with your kids is what matters. A lot of us just run around with the camera, take pictures all the time, but is never on the picture and only realize this at home after looking through the holiday photos. Leave these things behind, take pictures in your “head;” enjoy every moment, be there and make memories and give memories. Spend time with your family, talk and listen, just enjoy each other’s company.

A little list for the preparation:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • Where to book?
  • Travel: Flights, car renting, traveling with car
  • Hotel reservations
  • Insurances
  • Documents that your family needs
  • Pets you want to take with you
  • Spending money, currency
  • Language
  • Important telephone numbers
  • A list of what to bring


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