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Tips to Get City Kids Closer to Nature

Tips to Get City Kids Closer to Nature

What if we don’t just go out to nature but also play and learn together. If we are living in the city with kids, it would definitely give us a headache to organize an outdoor program with the kids. But the good news is, it is not impossible. We just need a little preparation before we start and a few useful advices.

Location of choice could be the closest park, or playground, a garden or a balcony, but the best option is to find a nice forest somewhere nearby.

And the game begins…

  • Field visit with a different eye – carry out a field visit, let everyone imagine they are a dog, a jay, a titmouse, or a mole. Take a piece of paper and write down your comments, walking and watching the terrain as the chosen animal. At the end, everybody will share his/her opinions about what they saw, which animal can live here, and which ones cannot.
  • Flower clock – each kid would portray a different type of flower. These flowers open up in different times – morning glory in a morning; dandelion in the forenoon; tulips at midday; night-smelling in the evening. Act as the SUN shining on the kids, going around them and kids open their petals – holding their head up - and closing it in the appropriate time.
  • Sound chain – players stand in a circle, holding each other’s hands, one adult giving them a sound from the forest like: a bird’s song, whistle, buzzing, grumble, chirping, any kind of noise from nature, then transferring the noise to another kid through a handshake, and the kid will continue the noise, then when the noise has reached far, we send another one, until it grows into a larger noise.
  • Determination of fragrances – choose 4 different kinds of smell from the forest like: ramsons leaves, mushrooms, pine bark, and lavender. Four teams, eyes closed or blindfolded, embrocate the hands with the different materials, and let the kids find their team by the smell of their hands. Then when they find their own team, they have to go and find the smell in the forest.
  • Listening – sitting in a circle, everybody will close their eyes and listen to the surrounding noises for 2 minutes. After everybody shared what they detected - who heard what and who can tell what was that? What was pleasant and what was unpleasant - try to count to 1O, and see if it is possible not to hear a bird sing, or any other noise.
  • Exhibition take a walk in a park, forest, or street and look for a work of art, then take it home and talk about that and make your own work of art using the art you saw as inspiration.
  • Comedy – everybody chooses an animal from the forest, then portray it, while others have to find out what animal it is.
  • Nature in pictures – cut out a lot of photos from nature, collect postcards and give it to the kids, let them choose one, then everybody has to talk about that picture, why they chose it, what do they see, and what do they like about that photo. Then put the photos in order, make a line from them, and make a story about that.
  • My little garden – buy little pots, potting soil, a few nice flowers, vegetable, or herbs and plant it on a balcony. Kids can have their own favorite vegetable and they need to take care of it day by day.
  • Make your own postcards collect leaves, flowers, and anything that you like. Pressed down for a few days then make wonderful postcards from them.
  • Photos take photos of your environment or a nice tree in the neighborhood in every season, or every month, then make a great picture collage or make a calendar with your own pictures.

And many other things. Be creative and the kids will love it for sure, and they can learn through experiences and that is the biggest treasure. There is no book which could substitute this, and they wont forget it for sure. :)

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