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Toy kit for holiday

Toy kit for holiday

Every single summer holiday brings up the following question: do we need to take with us special toys for the kids because what we have at home is no longer good enough?

The decision is the same every year: YES

because even if we go by car, or by airplane, the kids’ attention needs to be occupied for hours and the best thing for that if we give them something new. The magic of the new things is always giving us hours of silence and peace, but it really does not matter what kind of new things we give to them and the success is only up to how good our choice is. And to make a good choice, we need to know our kids and find the best travel games.

It’s good to consider the travel itself, where you’ll staying, to see our itinerary, the place where we’ll go, if the other kids are coming, and the games that we can play together with our kids, and what they can play on their own as well.

Good ideas

They can play alone and during the travel…

  • JANOD and DJECO make great games for travel: magnetic big puzzle in a box, which, if you open it, is like a magnetic board, where there are 12 kinds of 4-piece body, with different dresses and faces and boots and accessories.
  • Sticker and coloring books - different types for girls and boys
  • Touching, perception games for small ones
  • Little Memo – memory games
  • ABC Dring – vocabulary developer
  • Puzzle duo – pairs of opposites
  • New books for the big ones and little ones too, just take care on the amount of illustrations both case. Older kids need less, younger need more
  • Little colored and scented looms, for making rings, bracelets, and so on

What we can play together…

  • Torpedo games
  • Bla Bla Bla – tell a tale and associate
  • Grimaces Djeco – funny memory plates game
  • Pirates – one of the best card games for the family, everybody will enjoy it
  • Uno - another card game
  • Activity – always fun for everyone
  • Backgammon
  • Domino – Animo – two-sided domino game for small ones and for big ones, with two game options
  • Tip Top Clap – funny memory game
  • Mini chess
  • Every kind of card game that the family members like

These games are all small, taking places in a hard carton boxes. They are also very handy.

What’s better for us to NOT even try to bring:

  • 1000 pieces small puzzle
  • Pearls and other lace-up games
  • Lego – we are going to lose the most important pieces for sure
  • Anything that is fragile
  • Anything that we need to handle with care
  • Anything that cannot be replaced
  • Too big and not easily packable
  • Building games
  • Mini golf games

Basically we can take whatever they or we want just think about the size, the joy and fun it brings, as well as the usability of that game.

Have fun! Play a lot!


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