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Trick or cheat for parents: Visiting the doctor

Better to discuss or just let it happen?

Trick or cheat for parents: Visiting the doctor

Every mother knows that strange feeling around the stomach when we see our kids in pain, a twist deep inside is not comparable to anything else. When our baby is small, not running around, not playing with dangerous games, then when we went to see the doctor, it was the only time I had that feeling.

The first vaccination was the worst. That was the time when got to experience that twist-in-the-stomach feeling.
By that time, there is nothing to explain to our baby about vaccination, but they feel our worries, and they know something is going to happen. They are looking at you with their big eyes full of trust and hope for the good. You can give them words and love and they will know as long as you’re there, nothing bad will happen. And then you did your best and they felt pain physically, but you were there with them, and that made them feel relaxed again.

But after that, time will pass, they’ll start to walk, run, and play and they’ll get sick sometimes, and when you know you have to go and see the doctor for the next vaccination or for examination, it’s the time to say something about what is going to happen.

Children feel everything, they have their special senses, and they are like little locator dogs that can smell danger. So, when the day comes, try to be honest with them, because they’ll know if you’re lying anyway. They are small, but they are not stupid. Handle them like an adult; talk with them with respect, and like an equal person.

What if you lie to them?

They won’t trust you anymore; they will always remember you saying, “nothing is going to happen,” “this is nothing,” or “it won’t be painful,” etc, and afterwards, they’ll discover that you lied, because that was painful, that was really bad, and if they got a chance to know about it, they might’ve been able to prepare themselves and won’t be as shocked. That’s what they will be remembering for long.

They will always react negatively when they hear the word “doctor,” and we can make them anxious by merely mentioning the words “doctor” or “hospital.” Is it worth it to not be honest? You might think it is better for them if you lie or not tell them the details about the examination. Think it over, go over the consequences, and see the possibilities.

What if you’re honest with them?

They will trust you. They will ask you the next time and believe your answer. They will know you are not fooling them and they can prepare for the visit to the doctor. Anytime, when you go see the doctor, they will remember that it was not a pleasant feeling but they can survive, you will be there with them, this thing is unfortunately not the best thing that could happen to them, but it’s necessary for maintaining their good health.

It’s worth it to be honest

You will get it back later, and you can avoid the hysteria anytime when you have to visit the doctor. And don’t forget that your calmness is their calmness. Your stressing and worrying will only make things worse, but if you can stay calm and explain to them what is going to happen, and that it’s for their health, they will calm down too because they can trust you, and because you were always honest before.

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