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What to do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Wear the Christmas Outfit

What to do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Wear the Christmas Outfit

There comes a time when your children just don’t want to wear the cute little holiday outfit that you planned for them to wear. You want to color coordinate but your children are taking NO part on that. Is it worth it to make your children comply or are there some other alternatives? Here’s what I think.

A couple of years ago, my son decided for the first time that he just didn’t want to wear the outfit that I picked out for him. I was completely heartbroken. The outfit was so cute and it matched what his dad, sister, and I were wearing that day and I really wanted him to wear it. Well, we came to a compromise and the day was saved - but I knew that the issue would arise again. So, the following year I made some adjustments around dressing for Christmas and the wardrobe factor went off without a hitch. So, now I’m going to share with you some of the things that you might want to do when your kid decides that he or she doesn’t want to wear that Christmas outfit.

Give them choices

When your child gets to choose, the process is so much easier. In fact, if you can agree ahead of time what to wear then most times, there won’t be a problem on Christmas day. After all, the kids feel a sense of importance because they got to choose the outfit and will proudly display the chosen outfit. If a child isn’t old enough yet to have that responsibility then you could choose a few outfits and then let your child choose from those options. They’ll still get that feeling of importance and a sense of control which will make this process so much easier.

Mix and match

If your kid really just doesn’t want to wear the outfit, even if he helped pick it out, try using a little flexibility. Perhaps you could agree to keep some of the outfit and change another part. For example, if your daughter really wants to wear a skirt and you had pants out for her, then maybe she could wear the skirt and a different pair of shoes but keep the rest of the outfit. Similarly, if your son doesn’t want to wear the button down shirt and tie, maybe he could wear a different shirt but still wear the bottoms. Flexibility goes a long way.

Be flexible and negotiate

Another flexible option that might work well for both of you is to go into negotiation. If you want the family to be color coordinated for family photos, then maybe the kids only have to wear the outfit for an hour so that you can get in some photos and then they have the option of changing. You could also negotiate place. Maybe the kids could wear the outfit to the formal family dinner at your parents’ house and then they get to change when you’re headed over to your in-laws who may be having a less formal get-together. There are a lot of ways to compromise so figure out what works best for your family.

Pick your battles

Decide whether it’s worth it to make your children wear the outfit that you’ve selected. I believe that it’s important to give my children age appropriate choices and allowing them to choose their Christmas outfit is worth it for their self-esteem. If you do decide that it’s important for your children to wear the outfit that you selected, then try to have some flexibility. Remember, it’s important to pick your battles.

As children get older they will sometimes decide that they want to wear something different than what you had in mind. But don’t let that spoil your day. These tips will help out.

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