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When you’re with the kid you need to say the same thing, as parents

When you’re with the kid you need to say the same thing, as parents

If the parents work in unity, the kids will accept this as a fact from the beginning; they will know where their place is in this circle called “family.” And on top of this, we can give them a lot of advantages in life, and make our life easier too.

Let me share with you a few practical solutions:

  • Parents need to talk and negotiate first
  • Sit down and talk over the main educational principles
  • Find the points you both agree on and happy with
  • Avoid arguing on top of the kid’s head
  • Give emotional stability to the kid
  • Parents must be constant parts in the kid’s life
  • If kids feel they have one direction, they won’t try to give that much quibble, I mean that much because they will look for opportunities to break away, but if the parents want the same thing, if they are consistent, that helps the kids find their way
  • Parents can make family rules for different cases
  • Kids must be sure that there is no objection from Mum because she will say the same as Dad did.
  • Kids need borders; they need to feel the direction too. This gives them security, and the feeling of stability.

If we are both consistent kids get:

  • Secure borders to know what to do and how
  • Feeling of stability
  • A good example on family, parents, male and female life, problem solving, understanding, and compromising.
  • A routine and an every day rhythm that they will learn to incorporate into their lives
  • To handle their teenage years easier, and so will the parents
  • To use this in their relationships
  • To use this method when they will be parents in the future
  • A strong and stable union, which always gives a good foundation, where the kids can return anytime to the family.
  • They will remember the first and smallest union in this world: family; Mum and Dad.

Everything from listening, caring, and a little bit of free will make things operational around us in the family. It’s also important to accept the fact that we all come from a different family, from different roots, and we need to integrate the good and useful and leave the bad and negative behind and during that, we parents can also learn a lot about ourselves from our partner and from our kids.

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