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5 Thanksgiving Menus

5 Thanksgiving Menus

Trying to figure out exactly what to serve for Thanksgiving dinner can be very time consuming and stressful. Here are five complete meals that you can use to plan your holiday menu. Grab your ingredients, be sure that you’re stocked with the right seasonings, and get ready to REALLY enjoy your Thanksgiving meal this year.

My American girlfriend always gets stressed out when it comes to Thanksgiving. She has a beautiful spacious home so she always agrees to host the holiday dinners for her extended family. She’s a really terrific cook so her family expects her to dazzle them every year. This year she wants to try some different dishes and asked me for some advice. I love to prepare scrumptious meals, so I happily shared some of my favorite recipes with her.

It occurred to me that there are probably many other busy moms out there who are hosting Thanksgiving dinner who still have no idea what to prepare. So, I decided to put together a few menus so that you can prepare Thanksgiving dinner without a lot of hassle.

Here are five complete meals that you and your guests will love. Keep the menus just as they are or mix and match. If you’re hosting for a larger group, you can even combine two or more of the menus. Or if there is a specific ingredient that you don’t enjoy, then you can substitute any of the dishes that you prefer. There are so many menu variations that you will have a blast deciding which recipes you’re going to try this year.

So, here are the five complete menus for your Thanksgiving dinner. Each menu includes an entrée (appetizer), a main dish, some side dishes, and of course, dessert. Enjoy!

Menu 1

Creamy Parsnip Soup * Turkey with Chorizo Stuffing with Almonds *Spicy Brussel Sprouts * Mashed Potatoes with Herbs * Lemon Créme Pie

Menu 2

Beat-Pear Mash * Turkey with Hazelnut-orange stuffing * Roasted Carrots and Potatoes with Orange * Glazed Onions * Beetroot Raspberry Choc Cake

Menu 3

Pumpkin Thyme Soup * Herb Rubbed Turkey * Thanksgiving Stuffing * Cabbage Slaw with Hazelnuts * Creamy Onions with Tarragon * Sweet Potato Cheesecake

Menu 4

Baked Sweet Potatoes with Pecans * Spicy Grilled Turkey * Oven Baked Creamy Fennel with Parmesan * Roasted Sweet Potatoes * Easy Pumpkin Pie

Menu 5

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Dip * Turkey with Cranberry-Chestnut Stuffing * Parsnip-Apple Mash * Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole * Apple Cranberry Crumble Pie


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