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8 Delicious Christmas Soup Recipes

8 Delicious Christmas Soup Recipes

There are so many delicious Christmas soups that you can make as an appetizer or starter for your Christmas dinner. Here are eight delicious varieties that you can choose from. Whatever your soup preferences are, you’re sure to find a recipe that will delight your taste buds and have your family and guest clamoring for more.

We, here in Hungary, we are soup fanatics. We pepare soups for every meal and I believe that some of us likes the soups more than the main course. When you start to explore soups you realize that it is healthy and filling as well, so yes it can be even a main course. So Christmas can not be without soup!

In Hungary the traditional Christmas soup is the Fish soup. Nowhere else you can find this type or preparation. I have a fantastic recipe for a Traditional Hungarian Fish Soup that is absolutely wonderful. If you like fish, paprika, and onions, you’ll absolutely love this soup.
An ingredient that is pretty popular in soups is beans. I have a friend who has to eat some kind of bean dish on New Year’s Day every single year and she often makes some kind of bean and lentil soup. Lentil soups are so filling and so tasty - no wonder there are so many soup recipes with beans and lentil in them. If you’re interested in a hearty soup, try my Lentil Soup recipe.

Soups are really about preference. Whether you prefer soups with a lot of meats and protein or if you prefer cream-based dishes with lots of veggies, I’m sure that you’ll be delighted with one of my soup recipes. Try the Fish Soup, the Lentil Soup, or one of the soup recipes below as a starter for your Christmas dinner this year.

Hungarian Chicken Bouillon

Wine Soup

Sweet Chestnut Soup

Classic Russian Bruscht

Escudella de Nadal

Cream Soup with Pears and Blue Cheese


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