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Benefits of Japanese diet

Benefits of Japanese diet

There is no overweight among those people who are following traditional Japanese diet.

The diet, I can say YES to! It is almost perfect; even the country.

Geography is perfect to develop the healthiest food in our world. They’ve got fresh fish, and everything from the sea; they’ve got plenty of rice, fresh greens, and fruits. And most of their traditions are based on healthy eating! The average age in 2013 was 84.19!!!

Because they are eating, healthier than Europeans and Americans. And not just that, this is only the basic, because if the physical body is fine, we can develop our soul, but if our body is sick. How could we develop anything or even think of anything else?

The Japanese diet has basic rules:

  • 80% rule; this means: eat small portions several times a day, never fill your stomach 100%, try to stop eating before you feel full. Practice, collect experiences; try filling yourself up: you can’t move, you fall a sleep, and it is not good for your metabolism. If you finish eating before you’re full, you can live a more active life.
  • Fishes, vegetables, fruits, and algae: the Japanese courses contain a lot of fish, tuna, mackerel, sardine, and herring, fresh vegetables and fruits, and they use soy sauce, or digestion- and detoxification-helping spices instead of salt. Try to cover your protein portion from, soya, legumes, and seeds.
  • Drink tea: especially green tea, which helps the detoxification and prevents buildup of the fat.
  • Sports: of course, this diet helps you feel better in your skin, giving you a lot of energy, so choose a sport for yourself.
  • Rice: rice is always on the table in Japan, even if it contains carbohydrates, but they are not cooked with oil or butter. And rice needs to be washed for 20 minutes-1 hour to remove most of the starch.
  • No red meat: or almost nothing.
  • Quality eating: they spend time for dining; they are not rushing. This is important for them to taste and smell the foods and enjoy eating.
  • Quality food: they make their food from fresh and quality ingredients.

If you would like to follow the Japanese diet, you have to give up salt, preservatives, sugar, and half-made ingredients.

A little extra that might help; there are a few Japanese fruits which aids the diet:

  • Japanese plum – Prunus salicina
  • Avocado
  • Japanese sultanas – Diospyros kaki
  • Figs
  • Japanese pear, nashi – Pyrus pyrifolia
  • Watermelon
  • Flat peach – Prunus persica var. compressa

In Japan, only those people getting overweight are following the European eating habits and the patronize fast food restaurants.
And the truth is, their traditional kitchen is far healthier than the European’s or American’s will ever be. But never forget that we were born here and we have to live here. We have different conditions and different traditions. So if we eat Japanese cuisine, it can only bring perfect balance to our life if we mix it with our own traditional and healthy foods.

You can see at the end, there is no miracle here, this is only about using our common sense and selecting the right ingredients and recipes.


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