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Christmas cooking preparation

Christmas cooking preparation

We cannot leave everything for the last minute. But what are the preparation steps we can do much more in advance?


  • Any non-cream soup could be cooked 3 days earlier. Fish soups, ragus, bouillons
  • You can cut and vacuum the vegetables for the soups


  • Oven-baked, steamed, or mashed vegetables could be cleaned and cut in right pieces even a week earlier if you vacuum them and put them into the fridge. If you don’t have vacuum sealer, you can do the same 2 days in advance.
  • Mashed vegetables can be prepared without adding the cream or the milk. But cutting, cooking, mashing could be done 2 days in advance.
  • Onions needed for the meals could be cut days earlier, vacuum seal or put into the fridge.
  • Chutneys - do them weeks earlier. But only if you don’t use butter!


  • Marinade 1-3 days earlier.
  • Sous vide could be done a week ahead.
  • If you prepare the oven-roasted meat with spice couple of days earlier, you can vacuum seal and put into fridge.
  • Stews can be done 3-5 days earlier, they even taste better.


  • Christmas cookies are better if you make them 2 weeks earlier.
  • Cakes should be done 1-2 days earlier.
  • Desserts like puddings are best if you prepare them the night before.

You see, there are many things to prepare in advance. Time to start and enjoy!


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