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Christmas Punch Recipes

Christmas Punch Recipes

Christmas dinner with family and friends is so much fun and of course, we all look forward to it every year. However, a Christmas meal is incomplete without the beverages. So, here are a few ideas on how to prepare some delicious Christmas Punch for your holiday dinner.

I have to be careful because I love tasty beverages - and preventing myself from over-indulging can be kind of tricky. There are usually so many different varieties to choose from at our family holiday dinners and I want to try each kind. However, I know that moderation is best and I only try the ones that are most appealing to me. But my favorites tend to be the fruity varieties, especially the ones that have bits and pieces of fresh fruit mixed in. Those punches are just so delicious.

So, if you’re anything like me, then you believe that it’s just as important to have good drinks at holiday dinners as it is to have good food. Your guests will be thirsty as they eat so it makes sense to make sure that your meal is complemented with some favorable punch. Since I have such a love for Christmas Punch, I have selected some really delicious holiday punch recipes to share with you that you’re really going to love.

Here’s a tip - Make sure that you have plenty of drinks available, because not only will many guests savor good Christmas punch but many early arrivers will sample the drinks as they wait for the meal to be served. And don’t forget about the kids – I don’t know many kids who will pass up a flavorful and fruity Christmas punch.

And to really add to the Christmas festivities, put bowls of punch out throughout the house where guests will be located. Try to find punch bowls in holiday colors or you can even tie beautiful bows around them. This will really accentuate your guests’ experience as they get to experience not only your favorite punch recipes but the beautiful delivery as well.

Here are several of my favorite Christmas Punch recipes:

Creamy peppermint punch

Cranberry punch

Sangria with fruits

Warm apple cider


Hot mulled wine

For kids:

Kids party punch

Kid's cherry party drink

Kid's orange party drink


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