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What is the problem with a Day off day on diet?


Some month ago, my husband reported about an excellent diet. He said it would work very well for him. The diet involves you eating one day normally and not eating anything for the next whole day. There are some additional rules, what to eat before and after the fast day as a meal. If you want, you can research it on the Internet. I was shocked. If I would take one day out of my eating, I would end up in the hospital the next day.

But of course, having said that, people who would be able to do that may have more fat to loose than I do.

The diet wouldn’t be unknown. Our paleo colleagues would explain that when we were living in the paleolitical age, there were days when we did not eat anything because the hunters did not catch anything. Yes, with only those exceptions, that those days this was not for diet purpose, it was a survival mechanism due to food scarcity.

I wonder how people can loose weight and maintain it with the DD diet. One of the reaction of the body to starvation, is to store. If we do not eat the next day, the body will panic and starts to create more fat to store if we would like to do it again. As this diet is based on regular fasting days during the week, the body will learn very quickly that storing is important.

The other problem is that you can not maintain such type of diet during your entire life, it would create serious deficiencies. So what happens when supposing you lost weight and you get back to your normal life. You need to create your proper diet plan. And if you go back to your old habits, the kilos will come back quicker than you think.

They also suggest to train next to this diet. Well done. I would like to jump onto my bike and drive in Budapest, which is a couple of kilometres away without eating, and I wonder what it will cause. At least without necessary protein intake, it would not work. I know there are some food (for ex: Nuts) that you are allowed to take, if you do some sport on a fasting day. But then let me tell, how your stomach will end up.

After an "only-nuts day”…my digestion would be ruined for a week.

Summa summarum, please think it over twice before you start a drastic diet like this and be sure that after the fast diet, you have a healthy moderated nutrition.


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