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Lemonade's world, welcome!

Lemonade's world, welcome!

Water, sugar or honey, and lemon – that is how easy to create a lemonade, or if we like the sour taste we can leave out the sugar, and it will still be a lemonade. Basically, that is how we can make refreshing, healthy lemonade, but there are many options that exist nowadays. A few of them is still healthy but few of them is full of sugar, food coloring, and special ingredients which makes it look fabulous but taste far too plastic and lacks the first advantage of lemonade: to quench our thirst. If it’s not for that, then what is it for?

Original base: Citrus fruits

Lemonades, as the name suggests, is made from lemon, or maybe lime, but this combo might be boring after a little while, therefore we can easily try other kinds of citrus fruits also like: orange or grapefruit; they are different, orange is sweeter, grapefruit creates a sour taste kind of lemonade.


So, we can play with the sweetness also not only with the fruits – we can use classical white sugar, brown sugar, candy sugar, maple syrup, or honey. Of course, they all give different kinds of taste.


And if this is still not enough and we want more specialties, let’s do it – but stay healthy – we can fool our lemonades with spices. We can try green spices like menthe, basil, thyme, lemonbalm or ginger. Cut it, press it, mix it, and the lemonade is ready. For 2 liters of lemonade, we need 8-10 leaves of basil, 2 cm piece of ginger, or 3-4 branch of thyme. These tastes are also refreshing without any plastic addition.

For an interesting, new taste you can try Lavender Lemonade.

But…Sad Facts

Here, I can try to take a chance to mention the fact that most of the places, restaurants, and bars – honorable exceptions – are offering a bubbly orange juice with syrups and different colors. Hopefully, this horrible mess will disappear from our gastronomy soon.

The emblematic American lemonades are different. American lemonades are usually colored with red, pink, or lilac; overly sweetened and contain unnecessary ingredients.

Never forget that lemonades are for quenching our thirst, not for dressing us. If we are thirsty, we need water or water and lemon - nothing more. After drinking those full plastic lemonades, we just get even thirstier and our mouth gets stuck together, not to mention what it can do to our stomach. So make a decision on what is the goal.

American lemonade story is very funny. Actually, there are two stories. The food coloring might sound weird at first, but after you read the background story, you won’t be surprised.

Origin of American lemonades

The legend was about the circus beverage vendor who was running out the lemonades during the performance. He was looking for water, then he found the washbasin with pink water where one of the equestrian artists washed his pink stockings on. Oops…

The other story is also about a circus promoter, pub owner, and gambler who dropped a few pieces of cinnamon sugar while making the lemonades and those sugars painted the lemonades rose and pink.

Both of the stories ended up successfully. People loved the colored lemonades and they bought it all, so they needed to reproduce and continued to create the pink drink.

NOT EVERYTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS!!! When you wish to order lemonde always check the ingredients.

Easy Homemade Lemonade recipe tips:

Classic lemonade with lemon and lime

Summer in the glasses: Watermelon lemonade

You only need two kinf of exotic fruit: Tropical lemonade

A real seasonal one: Raspberry lemonade
The plus: Strawberry almost-lemonade with no added sugar!


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