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Natural herbicides

For eco-friendly gardening

Natural herbicides

When we make our decision about exclusively buying natural and bio vegetables and fruits, then we have to face the following case at home, when we need to keep our “homemade garden” alive; keeping the pests, insects, and lice away. The question is: how? What can we use? Something that is effective enough and bio as well.

Make natural and effective herbicides at home

Vinegar and vinegar mixes

  • Glacial acetic: the best results can be obtained without dilution. Simply spray the vinegar onto the weeds. 5% or stronger acetic brings better results.
  • Acetic and salt: mix 1 liter of vinegar with 4 spoons of salt and spray it onto the weeds.
  • Acetic and dish soap: 3-5 dl acetic and 1-2 spoons of dish soap; mix and spray
  • Everything together: 1 liter of vinegar, 4 spoons of salt, 2 teaspoons liquid dish soap; mix and spray.

The acetic-based herbicides are only effective against emerged plants!

Corn gluten meal

Corn gluten meal none other than corn flour. This is a totally natural product, which prevents the seed germination of weeds while feeding the mature plants; so this one is effective only with the do-not-germinate weeds, before they come out.

Natural defense against black fly

  • First of all, if there is not much: with hand, we can move out the black flies cautiously away from the plant or clean it with a soft rag.
  • Cut the infected parts if they are not many
  • Take the plant outside, gently wash it with water by sprinkling it and let it stand out for a couple of days. Black flies don't like much light and dry circumstances.

With natural enemy

  • Collect a few ladybirds and put it on the plant and the black flies will disappear only about a few days.
  • With a banana peel, cut the banana peel to pieces and bury them 1-2 cm deep around the plant. Pests will disappear soon.
  • Homemade soap spray: mix water and soap in a little flacon and spray it onto the plant. This is cheap, easy and effective.

And of course, we can make our garden naturally safe with special planting.

The ancient and most well known planting method called the “three sisters” was created by the American Indians. They plant the bean, corn, and the pumpkin into one pillbox. The bean feeds the corn, which gives them support and the pumpkin doesn’t let the fields dry out under the bean and the corn.

And there are many of these kinds of “trick” exist in literature.

  • Chives stimulate the growing of tomato, improves the taste, and keeps the pests away.
  • Horseradish stimulates the potatoes resistance to diseases and the strong hot vegetable keeps away the potatoes killer CPB.
  • Rosemary banishes cabbage fly
  • Parsnip root is a strong insecticidal that we can make a organic spray from
  • Tarragon is a nurse plant, helping other plants grow.
  • Peas give shadow to spinach, helping to keep his leaves young.
  • Other good neighbors: lettuce and peas, tomato and garlic, cucumber and kohlrabi.

The plant associations help us grow our plants without chemicals, but in exchange, we need to do more shoveling to keep weeds away.


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