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New Year Eve's Menu

New Year Eve's Menu

Christmas just passed and I think - unless You are a real Fitness Lady - there's no chance to suggest any weekly menu that can be done between Christmas and New Year's Eve. BUT, it makes sense to talk about New Year's Eve dinner! :)

Ladies, I truly think, that we cooked more than enough during the feasts, so: think positive, stay simple, and be creative:

It's time for SNACK BAR!

The biggest crowd would be around the drink bar anyway, so do not make useless working hours for yourself ;)

Although I said snack bar, a great ham or pork knuckle would be the favourite of the boys, but we have several dips and finger foods to try among our recipes! Choose a main course that will impress everyone and sprinkle the buffet table with many simple finger foods that don't take much time to prepare. ;)

Checkappetizers, finger food,warm entrés or cold entrés categories, or

My favourite buffet food list:


Kir Royale


Vegetable spears


yogurt dip

Pears with blue


Dates roasted

in bacon


Roasted ham with beer

and honey glaze

Curry flavoured chicken


Baked salmon with almond

and cheese crust


Classic winter fruit salad

Cucumber salad with mint

Apple and salmon salad


Salty profiteroles with

cream cheese and salmon

Mushroom patée with

cheese crackers

Chicken liver patée

with red wine jelly

Fried onion flower Tzatzikifor dipping Cheese dip


Fig Pavlova Tiny white chocolate tarts Cocolate coconut cake


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