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Oriental Spice Mixes for Love

Curry and tandoor mixes

Oriental Spice Mixes for Love

They say that marriage will really work, if - like a table – it stands on massive legs. The four legs, which are perfect for a covenant are the following: spirit, soul, similar values, ​​and a balanced sex life.

If one of these is missing, then the table is already unstable, but it's not yet broken and with a little work, it can be repaired. The biggest problem in most of the marriages is the absence of sex, or its quality. If a man is struggling, the ladies did a great job. It should help when the master of the house's prestige and pride is not prejudiced. The miracle recipe’s main ingredients are: love, patience and a bunch of aphrodisiacs.

Treasures of nature

The word aphrodisiac comes from the name of love and fertility, the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. The ancient legend says that plants and flowers were grown following his footsteps which increased sexual appetite.

The naturally occurring aphrodisiacs were already used by our forefathers to increase libido, potency, and help or improve fertility. Their effects are not scientifically proven, but the most potency-enhancing substances can be found in some of the time-honoured natural treasures. Pave your way to the man's heart through his stomach and bake, cook, and season to increase desire.

Oriental flavours

Most of the potency-enhancing spices - as the oldest book of love, the Kama Sutra says - comes from the east. Coriander, ginger, nutmeg, and saffron all stimulate blood circulation. All spices that increases blood circulation allow high blood circulation in genitals to occur too. This makes the sexual desire grow.

  • Coriander was consumed by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks mixed with white wine.
  • Ginger - proven healing root of Indians- is a mood-enhancer and has a stimulant effect on fertilization. It grows on tropical climates and used as a spice and as a medicine, also as an effective stimulant for love. It heats up the body, and by increasing blood pressure, stimulates genitals.
  • The nutmeg’s homeland is India. This spice, not only gives an exciting flavour to dishes, but it’s essential oil can also be used for improving desire. In addition, it’s analgesic effect is outstanding.
  • The saffron, queen of spices, according to the legend, was grown after Zeus and Hera’s wedding night. The young couple found themselves among saffron grew around their bed in the morning. The intense aroma charmed Zeus’ body again. Alhough it helps to have long orgasms, use this spice with limits, because high doses may be toxic. 20 grams of it can cause death.
  • The Eastern culture has its own miracle food too. The Chinese swear to the eggs and sweet rice, the Indians swear to honey and eggs (served as Floating islands, it beautifully closes a romantic dinner).
  • The chili is not only used as a medicinal agent but also as an aphrodisiac since ancient times.
  • In ancient Egypt, the scent of cinnamon, clove, mace, ginger, and chili are assumed to warm up the body, which sparks up the libido.
  • In Asia, the galangal is known for long as the particularly popular spice and medicine of "Ayurvedic treatments." The Mustard seed - known as the monk’s forbidden spice consumption- enhances potency.
  • Cinnamon was used from ancient times as lubricant on the genitals to serve as an erotic stimulant.
  • Ginseng in not only a rejuvenating agent. Other than it balances the body's energies, it also increases the sex drive. Ginseng is one of Asia's oldest and most well-known medicines, it’s miracle root often referred to as "man’s root." The ginseng wine was the first Chinese medicine, which was offered as a nerve tonic and could reduce fatigue.
  • The aromatic cardamom, tea and coffee, which are often combined for stimulating, helps digestion and its cardiac effects also wakes up the spirit.
  • Consumption of Tulsi or Holy-basil leaves daily preserves health and and a gratifying sexual life. The spicy, pungent flavour of all-spice not only has digestive benefits or a good effect on neuralgic troubles, but also increases sexual desire.
  • The Egyptians used anis seed to stimulate sexual intercourses, India used it to wake up desire and as an impotence-healer.
  • The Indonesian cubeb pepper a is also a libido stimulant either in spice or in essential oil form.
  • A bath prepared with rosemary encourages blood circulation (sexual desire) and helps digestion.
  • Vanilla - which is used effectively in homeopathic healing - is an effective balm for impotency.
  • Poppy was the most widely used and the best medicine of ancient Greeks which was generated from Aphrodite's tears, when she was mourning her beloved Adonis. It's not accepted in many countries as a food ingredients because of it's effect that is almost similar with opium. In early times, mothers made their children drink poppy tea to help give them a calm sleep during night. All dishes that has poppy seeds in them has a slight calming effect so it's better to eat those in the evening.

Classical spice mixes:


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