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Tasty Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Tasty Thanksgiving Side Dishes

If you’re not hosting Thanksgiving this year but you still want to prepare a fantastic dish to take with you to the dinner celebration, then these recipes are for you. Also, if you are hosting this year’s dinner and you want to prepare some really delicious food items for your guests, then I’m sure you’ll find something here that piques your interest. Take a moment to dive into all of the fantastic side dish recipes that I have in store for you today.

One of my best friends hates to cook so she doesn’t host holiday dinners at her house. However, last year she decided that she wanted to bring a dish that would “wow” her family and friends. So she asked me to suggest some side dish recipes.

There are so many great side dish recipes in my recipe box that it was hard for me to decide which one to suggest to her. So I gave her a list so that she could decide which one she felt most excited about preparing. I didn’t want to overwhelm her with a complicated dish, so they were all pretty simple to prepare.

My friend ended up choosing the Cabbage Slaw with Hazelnuts recipe and the next day, she called me to share that she didn’t even get a chance to sample it at the dinner because everyone gobbled it up. Yes, it REALLY is that good. The gruyere cheese and lemon juice give it a distinctive flavor that is almost addicting! I was very proud of my friend for following the recipe and knocking the socks off of her family and friends.

However, there are so many other fabulous side dishes and I wanted to take a minute to share all of them with you too. Have fun experimenting with these recipes to include in your Thanksgiving meal menu. You can even save a few of the recipes and treat yourself and your family to a couple of tasty dishes for New Year's. Believe me, they will thank you for it.

So here are a few of my favorite recipes for your Thanksgiving side dishes:

Oven baked creamy fennel with parmesan

Carrot and beet salad

Sweet potato salsa

Butternut sage squash

Creamy onions with tarragon

Baked sweet potatoes with pecans

Figs and cranberries side sauce

Please do not ask me which recipe is my favorite because I will have to tell you that I like them all. I can’t choose because they’re all very different and each has its own unique flavor. However, I can tell you that The Figs and cranberries side sauce is particularly good as a spread on a roll. It will probably remind you of spreading jam on your favorite roll - but oh so much better.

So there you go. You have a variety of side dishes to select from to “wow” your family and friends at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Let me know how it goes!


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