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What main course to choose?

What main course to choose?

For the Xmas Eve dinner, Xmas day, and the 26th, there are many options for main courses.

I personally like to make 2-3 type of a main course for the Christmas dinner if we are more than 6. And as all of us have different traditions, sometimes 3-4 different nationalities, I respect whatever would be the main course at my guest home.

The turkey:

In the US, the turkey would be roasted in the oven for a long time and served mostly for Thanksgiving. In Europe, we'd rather serve it for Christmas.

We have great turkey recipes here:



The Ham

Did you know that at the Nordic countries, we cook pork for a long time in the oven to get a juicy ham for Christmas?

The wild meat

I love wild meat and it cannot be missed in my Christmas table. Instead of using beef, this time I'll use reindeer. We just order the hunt in advance and we have the best dishes of the year.

The fish

In Hungary, fish means wealth. So fish is the main dish in many Christmas tables. Fish-soup, oven or fried fish, and tartares all find their place during Christmas time.

When you plan the Christmas table, take tradition into consideration, but at the same time, be open to the possibility to explore new things. Tradition is nice, but still get new ideas. Enjoy the shopping and cooking!


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