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Tuna - one of the food sources that’s better not to buy with poor quality

Is it a perfect food or is it a poison?

Tuna - one of the food sources that’s better not to buy with poor quality

We love tuna, all families in any kind of source but unfortunately, the industrial pollution poisons the tunas all over the world; poisoning them with mercury (quicksilver).

We marked the sea fishes as the healthiest food, as we thought, but as it revealed if we examine these sea fishes, the accumulated mercury is not really healthy for us anymore. Mercury is very dangerous for us.

But why does the waters’ mercury content getting higher and higher?

It’s a surprising and alarming fact that since 1990, almost 30% more mercury is found in tunas and other sea fishes. The direct cause of this is the fast growing Chinese industry and the huge emissions of pollutants. If China doesn’t change this attitude, by 2050, there will be more than 5O% growth expected in emission of pollutants. The reason why they are dangerous is because the mercury comes out from their coal power plant chimneys, and the wind blows it everywhere.

The USA is also a major contributor to the mercury pollution, emitting 40 tons of mercury yearly. The mercury comes back from the sky to land in the form of rain, and pollutes the seas, oceans, lakes, and rivers.

And when it mixes with water infested by the bacterium, it becomes a dangerous compound called: Methyl-mercury; then this compound goes easily into the fish’s body, and mainly pile up in the top of the food chain.

Mercury in fishes is a threat to humans

Tuna is the most dangerous for the human body, a fact pointed by Dr. Mercola, the well-known American doctor-writer. One of the adult specimens is close to 200 kilograms, and these big ones are the most dangerous ones. Tuna is quite popular among other fishes; we eat it canned or as sushi but these contain a high percentage of methyl-mercury.

Tuna is a very good ingredient if we are sure it is of best quality;

if the cut is not coming from the 200kg fish or the can is a high quality expensive can. We used to buy tuna because it is one of the cheapest sources of omega-3 among fishes. But you will pay the price with your health. So think twice when you buy a low quality one.


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