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Sophie Michelin: Sex and Sushi

Sophie Michelin: Sex and Sushi

A friend of mine once told me a story. This story was about a night she spent with her then- partner. “All
we wanted was to have a pleasant night without any commitment” – she said. A delicious dinner with a nice
glass of wine. Just to talk, but not about future goals or career plans, but about tastes and moments. It seemed like time has stopped for a night...we completely forget about anything but ourselves.

My friend called it a ‘Sex and Sushi night’. These nights have become and given meaning to my life ever since.

I quite often realize how much my husband and I need our Sex and Sushi nights. Even more so, our relationship has been yearning for nights like that. Being in a long-term relationship, we tend to forget about the very first days of dating....dinners, movies, theatres, concerts.... We tend to forget about oblivious moments. We easily forget about that first stage of our relationship when we were head over heels in love and the difficulties of everyday life have not bothered us. If we have kids, we tend to forget how important is to spend quality time without them, as a couple. We need these Sex and Sushi nights to keep the flame burning and to make our love eternal.

Nothing is perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship or a perfect moment. As humans, we strive
for perfection every day. Sex and Sushi nights seem to be something that also requires perfection. Instead of
trying to make our night perfect, we should concentrate on the moment. We should try to enjoy moments of
preparation, dinner and making love.

This book contains the followings:
- A brief story about how to prepare ourselves for a Sex and Sushi night, how to prepare dinner and how
to enjoy every minute out of it.
- Fleeting thoughts about sex.
- A description of an aphrodisiac* which is also going to be important for the recipe
- A complete recipe (with ingredients, preparation, serving)
- Ideas for snack/appetizers & desserts
- Recommendation of aperitif & wine

The book will be available on Amazon in December.


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