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Classic lemonade

  • 2000 ml water, cold
  • 2 pcs lemons, washed
  • 1 pcs lime, washed
  • 5 tbsp cane sugar

  1. Carefully roll the whole citrus fruits on the table with your hand by pushing them gently. This will help release their juice.
  2. Slice them to 0.5cm-wide slices and put them into the jug.
  3. With a wooden spoon, push them to the bottom a few times.
  4. Add the sweetener. If you wish to use sugar, make 3dl of the water boiling with the sugar, ‘til it becomes syrupy. Let it cool for a while.
  5. After sweetener, add the cold water and stir. Chill the lemonade or add some ice cubes.
  6. Add some lemon balm or mint sprigs if you wish.

Good points

  • Very low in saturated fat
  • No cholesterol
  • Low in sodium
  • Very high in vitamin C

Preparation time: 10 min
Portions: 4
Difficulty: easy
Cuisine: International
General (in 1 portion)
Calories: 110.96 kcal
Carbohydrates: 30.68 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sugar: 26.33 g
Protein: 0.58 g
Fat: 0.16 g

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